Creative Outlet | My Makeup Journey As A Newbie With Curiosity

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Creative Outlet | My Makeup Journey As a Newbie with Curiosity | Create&Capture

Creative Outlet | My Makeup Journey As A Newbie With Curiosity

Makeup has always been something that was somewhat intimidating for me.  I wore the basic foundation or BB cream, whichever one I grabbed from the drugstore, with a brown eyeliner crayon, and mascara - done.  People who had the talent of applying makeup beautifully always baffled me, and I figured I would never be that girl.  Before my wedding, two of my girlfriends took me to Sephora to pick up some makeup, because I wasn't planning on paying for a makeup artist.  I was COMPLETELY overwhelmed.  The two of them were like kids in a candy store and I almost had a panic attack over the amount of products and variety of makeup and skincare, that I had never seen before.  They talked me into having a makeup consultation with one of the girls at Sephora, and it helped me get some great products for my wedding day.


Leading up to the wedding I watched some videos on YouTube of how to apply makeup, so I would have a better idea of how to create a more professional look.  Luckily, one of our hairstylists that day was also a makeup artist and hooked me up, so I didn't look like a clown on the biggest day of my life - score.  I fell in love with NikkieTutorials, and eventually found a ton of YouTubers that I really enjoyed watching.

After spending the amount of money I did at Sephora, being someone who isn't a beauty aficionado, I had to find some recommendations for drugstore makeup that I could play with.  Don't get me wrong, the makeup products that I got for my wedding are staples, as I'm seeing all over Youtube - Laura Mercier translucent powder, Nars concealer, Benefit Hoola bronzer and Rockateur blush, Becca shimmer skin perfector in opal... you know, the greats.  BUT, as someone who didn't even know where to start with all of that high end makeup, I needed more affordable options.

Jessica Braun
The Small Things
Danna Ann
Amy Macedo

I can confidently say I have seen hundreds of videos on YouTube with titles like "Drugstore Dupes for High End Makeup", "Best Drugstore Products of 2015" and "Drugstore Haul & Reviews".  I started saving some of these products on my Pinterest, and eventually saw some products that came up again and again, a good sign I should give them a shot.  So I placed an order or two with Elf, to try out some VERY affordable products that got rave reviews from some YTs, and made a few runs to me local Target, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart.

Here is my makeup journey. Leave me a comment with your drugstore favorites, recommendations, and YouTubers you love to watch!


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