Children’s Sports And Hobby Photography

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Having children involved in sports and other activities can create chaos, and jam-packed schedules.  It seems like you spend your life at the local school’s park sitting in the bleachers, cheering on your child and their teammates to later fight with grass stains from hell.  We try to do our best to capture these special family moments, but with the craziness that sports season brings, we can be left with nothing to show for it other than lack luster photos out-grown sports gear.

Children’s sports and hobby photography is a great way to capture professional quality images from your son’s Pee Wee football team, your daughter’s ballet recital, horseback riding competitions, or even the Girl Scout cookie selling trip to the neighbors.  As time goes by, memories can fade.  Make sure you have beautiful photographs to go along with those sweet memories to make sure they’re captured forever.


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