When those moments come along that are extra special, we have an opportunity to treat them that way!  Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, weddings, new babies, even a new pool or a lost tooth!  We all should take advantage of any reason we can find to celebrate.

I am honored to be able to do what I love, to make celebrating what YOU love a little more special!

Anything "custom-made" has always held an air of sophistication and luxury, and those same things apply to the custom designs you let me create for you!  [without the luxury price tag]  The extra touch that a customized birthday invitation brings to a party, makes all the difference.  Bring your event's theme full circle, use your favorite colors, personal photos, anything truly unique that can't be found at big box stores.  That's where I come in!

Customized For You

Almost all of my projects are custom designs created for a specific family, and are tailored to the exact event and needs of that client.   It begins with a conversation about the vision the customer has for the event itself, or the final wall art and the overall aesthetics.  It's really a collaboration, a meeting of the minds, coming together to take your ideas and use my skill set, to make it come to life with custom designs!

But Wait There's More!

It doesn't end with the invitation!  If you have an idea in mind for decorations for your party, or favors, I can help!  I've designed things like Water Bottle labels, Barbecue Sauce labels, Hot Sauce labels and more to allow customers to print things at home to cut and assemble yourself to save money.  

For a few birthday parties I have also design round cupcake decorations to be printed on card stock, cut out, and taped to a toothpick and inserted into the cupcakes.  These types of little extras and custom designs add a special touch to your celebrations and are far more simple than you might think.