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DIY Headband Organization for Baby Girl | DIY Girl Nursery Decor | Create&Capture

DIY Headband Organization for Baby Girl | DIY Girl Nursery Decor | Create&CaptureDIY Baby Girl Headband Display | Let’s Get Crafty

Hi, my name is Katie, and over the years I have been given the nickname “Martha” – like THE Martha… Stewart. Crafting and DIYing have been a part of my life since I was a child, constantly trying to make something beautiful out of what resources I had at my disposal. Luckily this is a tendency that I have not grown out of, even now in my 30’s. When we bought our first home back in 2012, I immediately saw the potential of what it COULD be, and knew it would be a long uphill battle to get it there, but that I could do it.

Fast forward to 2020, and we are now expecting our first child. Creating a nursery space in our small 3 bedroom home felt like a daunting task. I had previously claimed the second largest bedroom as my office/craft room, and my years of craft supply hoarding needed to go somewhere so that this room could be transformed. Luckily, my amazing husband and a few of our close friends helped make this happen – but that’s a story for another time.

Once my “office” was cleared out and ready to become the nursery, my mind started racing with ideas. I will admit, whether it was intentional or not, I have taken a lot of inspiration from Instagram and other influencers’ nurseries that I’ve seen online. At this point we didn’t yet know the gender of our baby, but I knew I wanted a nice neutral design either way. I chose the Large Gingham Wallpaper Plaid by Threshold™ from Target for an accent wall, and chose paint color and color scheme from there.

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Gingham Wallpaper

Arched Wood Wall Decor

Unique Area Rug

DIY Headband Organization for Baby Girl | DIY Girl Nursery Decor | Create&CaptureA friend and I painted the nursery walls, and touched up the paint on the builtins, and watched the space start to transform. I had long overdue plans to paint a short dresser from a set that’s been in my family for generations (don’t worry, I painted it only because it was ruined by perfume stains). Project after project the nursery started to come together, and at 21 weeks we found out we were having a baby girl! At first, this didn’t change any of my design plans, I was set on the neutral feel I had established, but small feminine touches started to work their way in with time.

One project I had in mind for a while was a DIY Headband Organization solution. Pinterest is filled with adorable ideas, and I had settled on a horizontal wall sign with her name on it, lined with c hooks at the bottom to be hung above the dresser/changing table. Luckily, my mommy friends and family members that I spoke to about the idea, pointed out that those things would start getting yanked off the wall in no time, and that I should rethink my plan.

A few decor pieces lingered in the nursery from when it was my office, and one day inspiration struck. The Choppy White Arched Wood Wall Decor piece that I had found at Hobby Lobby, fit my neutral almost rustic theme, and lent itself well to a visually pleasing DIY Headband Organization to solve my problem! I drew out some ideas, searched my stash of supplies, and got to work. My plan was to glue miniature clothes pins that I already had onto the sections where the lattice pieces crossed to clip on bows, and attach small c hooks along the bottom for a place to hand headbands! Brilliant! Most of the supplies I already had, so it was as simple as asking the husband to help pre-drill some small holes for the c hooks and hot glue on the clothespins!

Mini Clothespins

C Hooks

Glue Sticks

DIY Headband Organization for Baby Girl | DIY Girl Nursery Decor | Create&CaptureOnce I got the pins and hooks added, I hung it up on the wall and voila! A functional and stylish piece of decor that organizes adorable little hair accessories for our baby girl. I have to admit, I really love how this came out. There are so many items that go along with a new baby, and being able to make anything multifunctional and save on space is a winner in my book!

I also am pretty happy with the facelift that I have the dresser that we will use for the changing table, and the organization I have going on so far on the builtins and the closet. I still have yet to have my baby shower so I know there will be all kinds of little (and big) items to organize after that. So far I am loving how the nursery is coming along, and I can’t wait to share with you a final look at room once it’s complete!

What’s your favorite DIY project that you created to solve a problem you had? Share it with my in the comments below! Follow C&C on social media to stay up to date with me!


xoxo Katie