Will You Be My Godparent Wine Labels | 3.5 x 4


Ask your close friend or family member to be the Godmother or Godfather of your little one with this “Will You Be My Godparent” Wine Label! Customize this beautiful poem with the name of your recipient at the top, and stick this label on their favorite bottle of wine and give this special gift.

Wine Bottle Label

(3.5″ x 4″)

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Will You Be My Godparent Label | 3.5 x 4 inches

Godparents Gift Ideas, Chalkboard Bottle Label | Custom Label

“When God created me, He knew it’d be true
that I’d have a lot of growing and learning to do
I must stumble, before I can walk.
I must babble, before I can talk.
And just like I’ll learn to dance and sing songs,
I’ll have to learn my rights from my wrongs.

The role as my teacher is what God meant for you.
Will you hold my hand through all the learning I do?
Encourage me to be fair and always do my part.
Show me how to keep compassion and love in my heart.
Teach me to be patient and work ‘til I’m through.
Be an example, so I can grow just like you.

So take my hand and show me the way.
Our journey starts on my Baptism Day.”