Capturing Nature | New Paltz Photography

One of my greatest inspirations is natural beauty. Capturing those moments and those places only becomes more meaningful with time and they become memories and the nostalgia grows. These particular photos were taken between 2009 & 2010 in my college town of New Paltz, NY located in the Hudson River Valley area. That setting remains a strong source of inspiration for me.  Nature Photography has a class of it’s own, it is timeless.  As child, family, event and other types of photography document a finite time and place that can never be recreated, the natural world will far outlive us and has been here far longer.  In this case, New Paltz photography allowed me to capture a place and time where life had a certain meaning, a sense of beauty and possibilities.  It is a beautiful town with a breathtaking backdrop of Mohonk Mountain, encompassed by other towns with natural beauty.

Nature photography can be used for a variety of applications.  As ambiguous imagery for web and print publications, as beautiful wall art for the home or retail environment, greeting cards, stationary, and advertisements… the possibilities are endless.

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