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To Die For Oversized Farmhouse Clocks You Can Buy Online

Since the dawn of Fixer Upper and JoAnna Gaines, the scene has been flooded with rustic and farmhouse inspired decor. It is easier than ever to find the classic “Magnolia” pieces that JoJo very often uses in her designs. Some of these pieces include greenery, vintage books, antique flea market finds in the form of lighting fixtures, old doors and beyond. One of these style components I love most is the oversized clock.

The oversized clock was once a difficult product to find on any kind of budget, but luckily the retail industry has caught up with the demand and there are now tons of clocks to choose from online. Some things to look for are a distressed look if that’s your style, roman numerals if you like the more classic look – wood, iron, palette wood, chippy paint, and an overall vintage feel.

I have scoured the internet for what I think are some of the best oversized farmhouse style clocks available, and have compiled them here for you. These links are affiliate links, so thank you in advance if you choose to purchase any of these clocks using my link, for supporting my small business.

*Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Thank you for your support!


Wayfair always has an awesome selection of decor pieces at a great price. You can find a wide range of styles of oversized clocks here. If you don’t want to be surprised by the size of your clock once it arrives, or if you only have a small space to display one, utilize Wayfair’s sizing filter which illustrates the size of the items to scale.

Northrop Wine Barrel 24″ Wall Clock

This style clock is great for a masculine space. The deep wood face gives a natural texture and warm, rich coloring and the iron roman numerals give an industry feel to the piece.

Display this in a study, man cave, or game room for a sophisticated style that is never fussy.


Oversized Vergara 32″ Wall Clock

On the opposite end of the spectrum, this minimalistic clock feels lighter without a solid face. This design allows for the wall color behind to show through. The ages metal and roman numerals still give it the vintage farmhouse feel.


Nowata 40″ Metal Wall Clock

This may be the most quintessential Fixer Upper style farmhouse clock. It has that classic yet aged look. The black and white color palette and roman numerals combined with the aged edging and slightly distressed paint give this click a classic farmhouse feel.


Looking for something with a little more personality?

Here are three options for you.

Vanwagoner Farmhouse Wall Clock

This oversized farmhouse style clock combines the classic and the modern aspects of the farmhouse aesthetic. The weathered white outer rim with the gray washed wood in the center are the antithesis of modern farmhouse.


Oversized Eloise French Country Wall Clock

Talk about personality! This clock is perfect for you if you connect more with the French Country/Vintage Parisian style. The clock face checks off all of our farmhouse clock boxes, but the aged embellished frame gives this oversized clock a little something extra.


Oversized Round Metal 31.5″ Wall Clock

If you love vintage pieces that tell a story, and the history behind the rustic farmhouse style, you will love this clock. There is visible age to, extra details in the seconds and minutes numbering, and even the compass imagery. This reminds me of something JoAnna Gaines would find at the Round Top!



Hobby Lobby has made quite the name for themselves as one of the most popular sources for on trend decor – and this most definitely includes the rustic farmhouse style. 

Vintage Wood Wall Clock

This is a personal favorite, seeing as it’s the one I chose for our home. It’s a large clock with a beautiful light wood tone, vintage style numbers, and industrial hardware.


Black Round Metal Railway Wall Clock

This is a more quirky oversized clock option. The numbers are a little bit funky, but the overall style is still very classic. This clock has that black and white color palette, and a textured metal rim.


Galvanized Metal Clock

Are wood and metal not your thing? This embossed galvanized metal clock suites a wide range of styles, and especially farmhouse. So many decor pieces in this style are galvanized metal, and this will tie right in with those pieces.



Would you rather support a small business than the above larger corporations? Etsy is a wonderful marketplace for crafters and makers. The items available on Etsy range from handmade pieces to vintage and thrifted items. Find a unique oversized clock that will help your space stand out from the rest.

“The Bailey-Monogram” Roman Numeral Farmhouse Wall Clock

This is one of the best things about Etsy! Many pieces are custom made, which allows them to be personalized for you. I love the gray toned wood of the face, and the white accents that really pop against the darker background.


Personalized Oversized Wall Clock

Another customized option for you is this painted large monogram design oversized clock. This is a unique color that adds a subtle pop against the traditionally neutral color scheme of farmhouse decor.


Oversized wall clock. distressed to look like reclaimed wood

This is another option with a more unique coloring. It combines the palette wood look with the classic roman numerals and simplistic design that you see so much in these oversized farmhouse style clocks.


I hope this post was inspiring for you! Sometimes one thing can make a huge difference in the look of a room. A fresh coat of paint, a new furniture layout, or a statement piece like an oversized farmhouse clock will give your space a fresh feel without much money or effort!

If you purchase one of these clocks, or another one but were inspired by this blog, make sure to share it with me on Instagram by tagging @create.n.capture! Happy decorating!