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Gourmet Fashions

There are a few things that I really love and am passionate about; food/cooking, fashion, art, etc.  When an opportunity presents itself to bring two or more of your passions together, the journey through that metamorphosis is as thrilling as the outcome.  Years ago I was presented with the task of selecting from a list of topics, following a few basic guidelines and from there take it wherever I felt it could go creatively.  Of course I chose the culinary option and battled with how to narrow down such a broad topic into a design concept.  After a few scribbled out ideas, and a lot of scrap paper I fell upon a somewhat less mainstream category of food; the aphrodisiac, I was deliciously inspired.  One thing led to another and the Aphrodisiac book was born.  Beautiful couture dresses designed by me, inspired by foods that are “inspiring” to other people as well.

aphro_photo2 aphro_photo3
What came out of that project is probably some of my favorite work I have ever produced.  My favorite of course is the asparagus dress, if only I could sew well enough to actually produce it! (haha, produce) There’s a little something for everyone though, from pineapple to vanilla, avocado, honey, and garlic — when combining interests into one finished product the rewards are immeasurable.