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A Spoon Full Of Sugar

Photo Editing

So I recently re-visited some of my photos and decided it was time for a little change.  As an artist every once in a while there is an impulse to look back at your work and make it better, take everything you’ve learned since then, or whatever style you’re embodying at the time and apply it there.  The Child Photography section of my site here is some of my favorite work.  There is a whole world of beauty around us and it is all worth capturing, but there is something extraordinary about children… taking their picture captures a moment in their life that will pass before you know it.  Kids grow and change so quickly that those images are precious memories that have a mystery and magic all their own.  For this very reason I decided to go back and do a little photo editing to add to that feeling of magic.  It’s as simple as boosting contrast, brightness, saturation and white balance.  These changes make all of the difference in the world.


So what do YOU think?

Is it an improvement? Or does your personal style prefer the softness of the “before”?

That’s the amazing thing about art, we all have our own opinion and our own taste!  And the magic of digital photography, you can always have both.  The original will always be there so you can return to your old style or original snapshot whenever the wind moves you!

I love how the high contrast and saturation accentuates the redness in his hair, and the interesting details and distress in his jeans.  This allows the real mood and feeling of that day to be felt by people who weren’t there!  The leaves were vibrant and green, not dull and lifeless.

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