A Roaring Fun Tradition

Euro Car Show Cazenovia

For longer than I can remember, I have attended the annual Euro Car Show in Cazenovia, NY on Father’s Day.  Taking place at Lorenzo State Historic Site there is a refreshing breeze coming off of the water, and a beautiful view of Cazenovia Lake. This particular car show is presented by the MG Car Club of Central New York, of which my father and I were members.  Our first year we went only as guests, drooling over the vintage European cars that lined up and down the field.  We came across a 1973 MGB that was for sale, and the rest is history.  My father bought that MG and it became his pride and joy, he completed gutted it and brought it back to it’s former glory, but with modern upgrades like Sony Explode sound system, wire spoke wheels, and even a Super Charger!  We loved cruising around in that thing, rocking out to The Beatles, top down, having the time of our lives.  Eventually we expanded into the world of Jaguars and I learned to drive on a British Racing Green 1988 XJS V12.  I thought I was the coolest teenager ever, and since I was also born in ’88 the car and I were meant to be.  We later sold the MG, and the ’88, and upgraded to a XKR convertible, and a beautiful 1974 E-Type.  My father took so much joy out of showing his cars at the annual show and walking up to collect his many ribbons.

After he passed away I made a point to continue on this tradition and my friend and I have gone the past few years together.  We drool over the cars just like my Dad and I did, (she loves the Delorean) and take photos of the beauty as if it would make it more obtainable; BMWs, VWs, Porsches, Alfa Romeos, Land Rovers, Triumphs, and of course MGs and Jaguars.  Someday I will save enough pennies to be able to get my own Euro Car, and will drive in on that field with pride.  Until then I’ll just pose with them and smile like they’re mine!

See you again next year Euro Car!