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Puppy Pumpkin | Dane

Everyone loves a holiday!  Since the Fall is my favorite time of year, Halloween is just a little more special to me, especially with the family fun that Halloween brings.  As I’ve gotten older the excitement of dressing up and living up the spirit of the day has dwindled some, but with the next generation growing all the time I have a reason to look forward to it!  I love the family fun of Halloween, getting to see the characters they each choose year to year and what that says about their personality.  This year there are two new additions to the family, my new niece Vivienne being one, and my Mom’s new dog Dane is another.  Since Vivienne lives over in London I wasn’t able to share this particular holiday with her, but I was able to visit with my mother, Dane, sister and two of my adorable nephews.

Star Wars Crew | Children's Costumes

Our family Halloween fun featured an adorable puppy pumpkin and the dynamic duo, Darth Vader & Darth Maul.My boys were so animated that it instantly filled me with great Halloween spirit, as I knew it would.  With light sabers in hand and the excitement of the candy to come, they were a whirlwind of energy.  As luck would have it, their friend came to join in the trick-or-treating fun and had also chosen a Star Wars themed costume!  They were quite a trio those three, and joined by puppy pumpkin Dane it was the cutest bunch I saw all night. It’s always interesting to see the costumes that kids choose from year to year.  Some characters come and go depending on popularity but the classics are always out in full force.  This year I saw a Power Ranger, Princess, Ballerina, Spider Man, and a whole band of Zombies.  I guess I could have been a little more creative and actually come up with a costume!

Spooky House | Halloween Decorations

My sister did an awesome job decorating the outside of the house, she always goes all out!  My favorite part about this year’s decorations were the giant eyes peering through the windows, back-lit and glowing gold and spooky.  There was a giant spider’s web spun on the porch with pumpkins, orange lights, ghosts and glowing eyes in the bushes.  My favorite was a witchy overlay for the front door complete with flashing lights and cackling witch that screeched when a little trick or treater came close to the door.  We finally decided that for the first few hours we would shut it off so that it didn’t scare the younger kids, because it was even starting to creep out the grown ups!

Our family fun Halloween was a memory made, and another milestone in the lives of my nephews that I was lucky enough to share.  I love this time of year because the end of one holiday means another one is not far behind!  Let the countdown begin until Thanksgiving!  Being the foody I am I cannot wait for the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and apple pie.  I am forever thankful for family, and another holiday spent together.

Do you have images from your favorite holidays that could use a little sprucing up?  Tell me all about them!

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