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How To Create a Mini DIY Gallery Wall on a Budget

When I went to Europe back in May of 2012 I had the most amazing time visiting some amazing art galleries.  Being an art major I spent years studying art history and fell in love with the masters like Van Gogh, Monet, Degas, and one of my favorites Jan van Eyck.  I made sure to stop at the gift shops at Musee d’Orsay, and the London National Gallery to pick up some post card books of my favorite paintings that I saw while I was there. Since I got back I have been planning on putting together a gallery wall of a group of my favorite of postcards from that collection.  When I bought my first home in August I did some brainstorming as to how I could create a mini diy gallery wall on a budget.  I have seen a ton of posts on Pinterest about do-it-yourself projects made with items from the dollar store, so I made a trip to the local dollar store to see what I could find.  I found some perfect little 3×5 black frames that are just right for the size of the postcards, and they were only a dollar!!!

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First I went through all of the books of postcards and picked out my favorite 10 pieces.  Then I removed the glass front from one of the frames and used it as a template to trace out which part of the image I wanted to use.  After tracing and trimming each card down, I put them in their frames and had to figure out how to display them on our entryway wall.  This ended up being more difficult than I expected because we have wood paneling in our entryway and in order to hang them I had to use the seams between the panels.  The panels are all different sizes and there are 10 frames, but after a few tries I came up with a good layout.  It’s important to plan out the design of a gallery wall ahead of time to avoid having to hang it twice.

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Viola! Until the time comes for us to replace the paneling for dry wall, or paint it, I at least have a mini gallery and a little piece of my memorable trip! This project could be changed up with Christmas card around the holidays, kids’ school pictures,  clippings from your favorite magazine, maps, family recipes in your kitchen, or menus from your favorite restaurants!  Be creative and use your imagination! The possibilities are endless!

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What DIY projects have you tackled lately?