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maternity photography pratts falls ny create & capture

I have always had a soft spot for the beautiful, touching photographs of women during pregnancy.  It’s such a special time, and they are wonderful memories that should be captured!  A close friend of mine was pregnant in 2015 with her first child, and we decided to venture to a local spot to take some beautiful maternity photographs.

Pratts Falls is a well kept secret in the Upstate NY area, but right around the corner from where we grew up – my friend and I.  It’s a privately owned park with trails, fields, play areas, barbecue areas, and of course, the waterfall. It is especially lovely in the fall when the leaves start to change, and their open season comes to an end.

The mother-to-be has a unique style, with elements like skulls, super heroes, and other funky things that had to be included in this shoot!  It is all about personalization in maternity photographs, because the little bundle of joy is a one-of-a-kind creation made by two parents whose individuality will be passed down, and celebrated in the birth of a new little baby.

Now, a few months later, the little on has arrived!  Dante was born November 11th, a beautiful baby boy!  We are planning to do some newborn photos – keep an eye out for those!