Family Apple Picking Portraits at Beak And Skiff Orchards | LaFayette NY
One of my favorite things about photography is being able to capture beautiful memories for families.  This one is near and dear to my heart, not only because I love this family dearly, but because apple picking family photos has always been a tradition in my family.  I feel so lucky to be able to photograph the three older girls’ first time EVER apple picking – and at Beak & Skiff Orchards, nonetheless!

It started out as a cool fall day, perfect for sweaters, boots, and scarves – which is perfect for apple picking family photos.  Unfortunately, the sun came out blazing as the day went on and we had to shed some layers, and had they to squint through some of the photos, but I think it was all worth it!  Look how adorable this beautiful family is!

Beak & Skiff is sort of an institution around here.  I remember going there when I was a kid, and I have been going ever since with the growing generations of my friends and family.  They were recently voted the #1 Apple Orchard in the Country by USA Today!  That makes all of us Upstate New Yorkers pretty darn proud, I have to admit.  Not only is it a wonderful place to take apple picking family photos, and create memories, but there are great activities for kids and adults alike, with amazing food, and adorable gift shop.  Now their 1911 distillery and tasting room is open with everything from apple gin and vodka to wines and sparkling ciders.



This type of photography will never get old to me.  Family traditions of any kind are forever close to my heart, and apple picking family photos are definitely one of them.

What traditions does your family have?  Share yours in the comments below and see if you have a unique tradition, or one that other families enjoy too!