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Halloween Ghastliness

It is so much fun to decorate your house for the different seasons and their holidays, but it can be hard to find fall decorating ideas for ways to mix up the same old decoration you have used year after year.  My solution? Pinterest of course!

The great thing about Pinterest is that you have access to a VERY wide range of sources and styles, just as diverse as the pinners that pin them.  You can find decorations from various stores, DIY tutorials, ways to revamp items you may already have, and fun recipes and party ideas!  I started a board dedicated completely to Halloween, which is one of the most fun to decorate for, and named it Halloween Ghastliness.  This board is filled with fun ideas for spooky parties like invitations, decorations, creepy edibles and more.

Worm Ice | Martha Stewart Living


How fun are these creepy crawly ice cubes?  Add them to a punch bowl and as the ice melts your guests will have a little sugary treat!  How fun would it be to have a punch bowl inside a larger bowl filled with dry ice to create a spooky fog around the “Cocktail Cauldron”.  The possibilities are endless! Thank you Martha!


Find fun tips and fall decorating ideas for your pumpkins this year!  Did you know you can use metal cookie cutters and a rubber mallet to punch out fun shapes without the hazard of trying to be the next Edward Scissorhands?  Or cover your pumpkin with glitter for a chic and fun twist on the typical Jack-O-Lantern, without all the goopy mess!

Get your kids involved by giving them markers and a child-sized pumpkin to create their original designs on.  Trace over it with Sharpie to make a lasting masterpiece! (At least for the season, until Jack turns to junk) Or give them some craft supplies like yarn, pipe cleaners, felt and glue to create fun three-dimensional characters straight from their imagination.

ccblog_halloweeninvitesHALLOWEEN HOSPITALITY

Planning on having a Ghoulish Get-Together?  There are a wide variety of ways you can set the mood and invite your guests to join you, in holiday style!  No matter what type of party you are having, there is a design that will establish a certain tone or atmosphere long before your guests arrive at your door!

Dark & Scary?  Warm & Welcoming? Spooky Chic? Magical & Mysterious?

There are tons of designs online and in the Create&Capture Etsy Store ready to order!  Don’t see exactly what you are imagining? You can always contact us about creating any type of custom design for you.


In my humble opinion, one of the best parts of being a homeowner is being able to decorate for different holiday seasons!  The best way to show your spirit to neighbors and passersby?  Wreaths!  Decorate your front door with tons of DIY ideas online for every taste, from spooky and eye-catching to timeless and beautiful, you can find so much inspiration and many times even step-by-step guides to walk you through the whole project!

Don’t be shy! Hang your holiday spirit right on your front door!


Let’s be honest, when it comes to Thanksgiving, the star of the show is the food.  We give thanks for life’s many blessings, and enjoy the day with family and friends while stuffing ourselves to capacity with turkey, mashed potatoes and pie.  But there is more you can do to make Thanksgiving day extra special!

Adding individual place cards to the table will make everyone feel appreciated, and there are some many unique and simple ways to make place cards part of your table setting!

Get inspired by unique place settings, rustic pie crust designs, and favors to treat your guests to an extra special holiday dinner.  Thanksgiving is all about traditions but it is also a fun time to mix things up!  Do a little research for some new side dishes like Martha Stewart’s Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Caramelized Apples, or an updated version of the classic Green Bean Casserole with fresh ingredients to wow your guests.

The fall is such a fun time of year, when spooky leads way to comforting and pumpkin spice is around every corner!  Enjoy this colorful season with a little help from online inspiration and fall decorating ideas.  Keep in mind many of these projects can be done very economically, so don’t shy away from enjoying the festivities!  What are your favorite parts of fall?  What projects are you working on this year?