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Simply Adorable Kitchen Decor Items You Can’t Help But Love


DIY Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

from One Little Bird Blog

Palette crafts and DIYs are everywhere! And for good reason – they are so adorably rustic and chic.  I especially love this pallet coffee cup holder because it’s different from the typical palette decor we’ve all seen a million times before, and it has a great function!

There are places on Etsy that sell similar items, or you can visit the blog from One Little Bird Blog and make one yourself!

I don’t know about you, but between the hundreds or cute mugs at T.J.Maxx and all of the DIY craft projects around making your own Sharpie Art Mugs, I have quite the collection of coffee mugs built up.

So what do you think? Would you rather buy or DIY this palette coffee mug rack?

Check it out here.



Ruler Table Runner

from Country Living

This next DIY comes from County Living Magazine, and is not only adorable but extremely cost effective! It starts with a strip of drop cloth from Home Depot for $10.98, and with a black fabric marker and some patience, it ends with a truly unique statement piece.

This would also be a great DIY gift for your kids’ teachers, teacher friends, seamstresses or sewing inclined friends! With one drop cloth you can get 5 runners, so that makes for an even MORE wallet friendly piece of kitchen decor for you or your family and friends!

Have you ever made anything using plain drop clothes before? If not, check out one of these pins using them in other projects!

Easy DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

Ruffled Drop Cloth Wreath

Drop Cloth Dog Bed

Botanical Prints on Drop Cloth


Hand-Carved Wood Tablet Stand

from World Market

Okay, so this one I stumbled upon while I was on the World Market website looking for a gift for a friend. But once I found this gem I could not help myself! I had to order one for myself!

I use a lot of recipes off of Pinterest and other websites, and it’s so hard to follow along on my phone, and this stand makes it so easy to use my tablet instead and have a much better and easier to use view of the recipes I’m cooking.

This also works for cookbooks, so it’s simply a gorgeous

Check it out here.


Farmhouse Bowl

from Bennington Potters

My mom discovered this store in Bennington, Vermont and absolutely fell in love! She brought home a few pieces for each of my sisters and I and we all were bit by the bug.

We have each started our own collections, and some of my favorite pieces are in this gorgeous Blue Agate color. These pieces are sturdy and well made and just gorgeous, worth passing down as family treasures!

Check it out here.


Rustic Tiered Fruit Baskets

from Create&Barrel

This tiered wire basket is just as lovely as it is useful.  Crate&Barrel is known for their high-quality products, and this is no exception. Use this for everyday storage of fruit and other produce and breads, or for entertaining guests filled with small bite appetizers, cutlery or party accessories like toothpicks, cocktail olives, etc.

The dark patina styling of the metal baskets will look perfect in a rustic style kitchen, or lend itself to the industrial feel of a modern sleek kitchen with clean lines. Oh, I just love Crate&Barrel!

Check it out here.


Jillian Cake Stand

from Ballard Designs

The glass domed cake stand is so popular right now! This style of cake stand is on wedding registries everywhere, and for good reason!

I like this particular stand because of the aged and faded rustic wooden base, which gives it a little more character than the standard, modern, ceramic base.

Use this for entertaining for all kinds of things besides cake! Use as a cheese plate, or for other hors d’oeuvres if you remove the glass dome. What kind of cake stand do you like?

Check it out here.


There it is! Some of my favorite kitchen decor items that are just too cute for words.  These are all on my wishlist, what kitchen decor items are on yours right now? How do you find unique pieces to decorate your home? I do a lot of searching on Pinterest, Etsy, and Instagram for new inspiration. Follow me on Pinterest to see what is inspiring me lately!