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Tech Toys Too Cute For Words

In this day and age technology is part of every facet of our daily lives. Alongside our everyday must-have tech toys are the constant influx of accessories and do-dads to accompany them. From designer earbuds to phone cases and accessories for fitness trackers, laptops, tablets, and the like, every piece of technologies has hundreds of products you can find to make them even better.


Fitness is all the rage these days, and fitness trackers and pedometers seem to live on everyone’s wrists and all seem to look the same. Stylish covers and accessories for trackers like the FitBit products, make fitness fashionable and unique.

This hammered silver wrap from Bezels & Bytes comes in four colors and works with the FitBit Flex. Check out their website for a ton of other super cute FitBit jewelry.


The Mighty Clutch is a fashion accessory that’s double-duty! This bag has a high-capacity battery built in and has a LED light to let you know just how much power is left.

Made from real leather, the MC also has pockets and slots for credit cards so that it offers more functionality than just charging your lifeline.

It’s compatible with all MicroUSB smartphones and iPhone, and the adapters are included!

Firebox has a slew of other really unique gadgets for sale – some of which are definitely aimed for the adult minded! Visit their website to see the wide array of fun things they have available; from 3Doodler to a nail polish holding ring and Pickmaster.



I am OBSESSED with this phone case from Casetify. This case mimics the style of an old analog camera. With how far our technology has come, throwbacks to the retro styles of yesteryear have come back into style in a big way.

It’s also sort of a little tongue and cheek since our phones have taken the place of the traditional camera, one of the conveniences of modern technology.

Casetify offers a huge variety of cases for all kinds of styles. You can buy adorable cases for your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or Apple watch.

They also feature cool collaborations like this one with Design Love Fest. Our phones have become such an extension of ourselves, and you can find the perfect case for you at Casetify!


screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-4-45-35-pmPOLAROID ZIP MOBILE PHOTO PRINTER

Urban Outfitters is always on top of the latest trends, and pushing the envelope with fashion, home decor, and beauty. They also have a great music & tech section that offer some pretty awesome items like headphones, speakers, and other phone and tech accessories.

The one item that caught my eye was the Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer that prints out adorable tiny 2×3 photos right from your phone!

Check out this printer from UO and see if you like the white or turquoise color better!




How stinkin’ cute is this phone speaker? Another retro-inspired tech accessory, this one coming from ModCloth. This site is typically known for their unique apparel items and funky accessories.

Their home & gifts section offers a ton of adorable pieces for your home, office, and technology items!

A few other tech items I love from ModCloth are these turquoise headphones and this natural wood speaker.

More fun decor ideas for the home or office include this paint chip calendar, these cat measuring cups, this whimsical mushroom mortar and pestle and gnome zen sand garden!

There are so many different adorable accessories out there for the many technologies we use on a daily basis. Why not find something that helps yours feel more personal? More unique to you? Check out these websites and see what you can find! Also, check out my Pinterest board STUFF | Techy Stuff for the pieces that have been catching my eye lately!


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