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Best Healthy Food Items from Thrive Market for Weight Loss

Over the last few months I have been on a health and fitness journey, searching for a lifestyle that allows me to feel my best and be my best for myself and my family. Making the leap from the Standard American Diet to something a bit more health conscious, has not been easy. I have always known what I need to do to be healthier, I have the knowledge to feed myself in a more wholesome way but putting that into practice can be easier said than done.

Weight loss requites a two-pronged approach. You can’t merely focus on exercise and neglect your nutrition or get strict on your diet and not put any effort into moving your body. Neither of these approaches will lead to much in the way of results, there has to be a balance of both to start seeing change. Since diet and nutrition are 50% of the equation, having a good plan in place for how you’re going to fuel your body is key.

Do Your Research

Before I started stocking up any healthy essentials I had to do some research. I wasn’t sure what type of diet approach would be right for me. I had to find some more information and experiences from other women with hypothyroidism and women who successfully lost a large amount of weight, to see what worked for them. Every body is different, and what works for one person many not work for another, but having a little bit of direction for where to begin can be extremely helpful.

One thing I have seen over and over again is the emphasis on high protein, lower carb diets. Notice I said “lower” carb, not no carbs or low carb like the Keto diet. I knew that that type of a restrictive diet wouldn’t work for me and my lifestyle. Once I was armed with some knowledge I started the hunt for food items that would help me achieve for this type of diet.

Thrive Market

I had heard of Thrive Market and had even had a membership previously, but I finally was able o see the value of Thrive Market in a way I hadn’t before. Their “food club” model allows it’s members to have access to high quality and healthy food items at a fantastic discount. One of my favorite things about their website is that there are numerous ways to search for products. You can search by Diet & Values, Aisle or Brand. This has made it so easy to drill down and find products that I know will fit within the goals I have set for myself. Here are some of my favorite items I have discovered through Thrive Market.

Peanut Butter Skinny Dipped Almonds

These delicious little gems are one of my go-to items when my sweet tooth comes knocking. Just a couple of these  satisfies that salty/sweet craving with no sugar, and give me some added protein!

Organic Gluten-Free Rolled Oats

Rolled oats are a major staple in any healthy diet. They are so versatile that they are a must-have in my pantry. They’re perfect for everything from overnight oats as a protein packed breakfast, to blended up oats for DIY oat flour for healthy baked goods!

Organic Plant Protein, Vanilla

Another versatile pantry staple is protein powder. I use protein powder every morning in my breakfast smoothies but it can also be used in oatmeal, protein balls and bars, protein packed greek yogurt dips and even a gold old post-workout protein shake!

Organic Raw Almonds

Almonds are another great source of protein and healthy fats. I will grab a small handful for an on-the-go snack or add them to greek yogurt and fruit. Raw almonds contain more fiber than roasted, and contain more antioxidants and vitamins!

Pad Thai Brown Rice Noodles

Brown Rice Noodles are awesome to have in the pantry for days when I want a lighter pasta type option for dinner, or am craving some at=home style Pad Thai. Thrive also carries a healthier Pad Thai sauce that pairs great with this!

Grass-Fed Beef Sticks, Original

Protein, protein, protein! This has been a huge focus for me, because it takes some intention to meet my daily protein goals. Chomps sticks come in a few different flavors and serving sizes, and pack some serious protein in a convenient package!

I hope these tips and suggested pantry staples help inspire you! Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive! Shop from the comfort of your home, from your phone or computer, and have them shipped right to your front door. Don’t forget to check out Thrive Market‘s shopping tools that help you filter down through all of their products by your diet concerns or preferences. I like using the High In Protein and Low in Sugar options. 

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