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Mama & Mini Shirts Free SVG Cutting File

This holiday season my family and I were invited to an Ugly Sweater Party! I can’t get over how expensive these hideous holiday sweaters are now, so I thought I’d take a different approach. Rather than spending money on an ugly sweater I would maybe wear a few times over the years, I wanted to create some sweet holiday inspired (but not holiday specific) sweatshirts for Haley and I.

Mama & Mini Sweatshirts Free SVG Cutting File | Free SVG Download | Create&Capture | Free Cricut FilesI have been drooling over the adorable Mommy & Me style matching tops ever since I became a girl mom. Making a red and white version of the Mama and Mini sweatshirts makes them Christmas-y, right!? So, I ordered some plain red crewneck sweatshirts for Haley and I off of good ol’ Amazon, and started designing. I chose a fun, slightly distressed, typewriter style font for this project to give it the look I was going for.

When the sweatshirts arrived I went to work cutting mine down to a shorter length to give it that cropped look. (This has been a bit of an obsession of mine lately). I have found the best way to do this is to use a healing cutting mat, rotary cutter, and long metal ruler. Lay out your sweatshirt nice and flat on the cutting mat, measure up from the bottom your desired amount and mark on both sides. Then line up your ruler to the marks, press down firmly and use the rotary cutter to trim the excess fabric off! Works like a charm!

Mama & Mini Sweatshirts Free SVG Cutting File | Free SVG Download | Create&Capture | Free Cricut FilesOnce the sweatshirts were ready, I opened up Cricut Design Space, fired up my Cricut Maker and started a new project. I imported my Mama & Mini SVG cutting file that you can download using the link below, and sized it down to my desired measurements. Make sure when cutting HTV, or heat transfer vinyl, that you put the vinyl on your mat with the correct side up, and mirror your artwork.

The last few steps are pretty easy. After you have selected all of the appropriate settings for your project you will “cut” to run the job, then weed away the excess vinyl. Lastly you will lay your top flat and even on your work surface, line up your HTV with the clear transfer sheet up, preheat your heat press and press the vinyl using the time and temperature specified by your vinyl manufacturer.

I am so in love with how these mama and mini sweatshirts came out! Get your free SVG download below!

FONT — USED: RM Typewriter


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