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Apple Picking Family Photos At Beak & Skiff Orchards

Apple Picking Family Photos At Beak & Skiff Orchards

One of my favorite things about photography is being able to capture beautiful memories for families.  This one is near and dear to my heart, not only because I love this family dearly, but because apple picking family photos has always been a tradition in my […]

Healthy Obsession | Use More Coconut Oil In Your Daily Life

Healthy Obsession | Use More Coconut Oil In Your Daily Life

Healthy Obsession | Use More Coconut Oil In Your Daily LifeAs I mentioned to you all in my last post, I have been making some changes in the past few months.  Improving my health and fitness has been a main focus in my life and […]

Seasonal Inspiration : Fall Decorating Ideas

Seasonal Inspiration : Fall Decorating Ideas

It is so much fun to decorate your house for the different seasons and their holidays, but it can be hard to find fall decorating ideas for ways to mix up the same old decoration you have used year after year.  My solution? Pinterest of […]

Staying Hydrated, With a Kick | Dasani Drops

Many of us do our best to make healthy choices.  The magazines, day-time television shows and reality shows are constantly reminding us to be conscious of our health.  The one tip that I have seen in every article about the top weight-loss/healthy living tips is […]

Painted Wood Paneling Peril Part 1

So, as some of you may know, I bought my first home back in August of 2012 and there are a million projects I have been wanting to tackle around the house.  A couple of weeks ago I finally got up the nerve to do […]

Fun-Filled Field Day Party

When I was growing up, I always wished I had a summer birthday.  With the beautiful hot, sunny weather the party possibilities are endless!  Pool parties, sports parties, BBQ/Picnic at the park parties, and field day parties .  I remember looking forward to the end […]

Spy Prints Saturday | Mr. H. W. Lucy

For as long as I can remember, Spy Prints have been a tradition in our family.  I didn’t always know or understand what they really were other than funny pictures of men in top hats.  As I got older and my mother explained the significance […]

Personalized Stationery for Kids with Manners

A favorite client recently asked me to design some personalized stationery for her son.  He recently had a bowling birthday party (which I designed the invitations for, of course) and she wanted him to hand write thank you notes to send out to all of […]

Crayon Birthday Invitation

Throwing a child’s birthday party is always so much more fun and exciting than throwing one for an adult! (Unless maybe it’s an Over-The-Hill party)  There are no rules when it comes to kid’s parties!  The sky is the limit, and you can let your […]

How To Edit Photos | Soft Skin, Bright Eyes

The holidays are a wonderful time to capture timeless moments with family.  There is nothing more priceless than the pure joy on the faces of children on Christmas morning as they open the presents they have been dreaming about all year long.  The first step […]

Mini DIY Gallery Wall | Thrifty Decor Ideas

How To Create a Mini DIY Gallery Wall on a Budget When I went to Europe  back in May of 2012 I had the most amazing time visiting some amazing art galleries.  Being an art major I spent years studying art history and fell in love […]

Family Halloween Fun

Everyone loves a holiday!  Since the Fall is my favorite time of year, Halloween is just a little more special to me, especially with the family fun that Halloween brings.  As I’ve gotten older the excitement of dressing up and living up the spirit of […]

Sausage White Bean Soup With Tortellini

So often we are faced with the issue of “What’s For Dinner”.  There are different types of cooking styles, some people plan all of their meals for the week and shop accordingly, while others whip up something from what they have in the cupboards.  I […]

Katie’s Workout Plans For Women

Katie’s Workout Plans For Women

Okay, so my workout plan is nowhere near as fun as Kanye’s, but I am trying to have one all the same.  I’ve been going to the gym on and off for a couple of years now but I have always had a hard time […]